On Becoming, On Iteration, On Dreams

On Becoming, On Iteration, On Dreams


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Tomorrow we launch ETH Chicago, Chicago's first web3 hackathon, to my knowledge. A number of universities from around the Great Lakes Region are scheduled to attend, as well as some 200 developers, artists, business professionals, and other web3 enthusiasts.

The event has been completely organized by volunteer community members. It's a testament to what any group of people can accomplish when they set their minds to achieve great works.

I look forward to meeting my fellow organizers, community members, and make new connections.

On Becoming

When I was transitioning out of logistics and teaching myself to code I began to tell myself, "If you want something you've never had, you must do something that you've never done."

On my morning walk, it hit me that if you want to achieve something the world has never seen then you must become someone the world has never had. You must do things that no one has.

I don't know why it took me so long to make that connection, but it reminds me that "to whom much is given, much is expected."

If you desire to be a person of greatness, great things will be expected of you.

When I was young, my father told me, "If you want to earn a certain amount of money, you must work like you already receive that wage."

Wise words I am grateful to have accepted upon the first hearing.

Overall, that attitude has proven true. And where it hasn't, I was quick to make myself scarce.

On Iteration

A key to building a life of greatness is to remain curious. To remain open to new ideas, and be willing to try new things. Life has its share of hardships and setbacks for most people.

One may allow themselves to become consumed by the trials of fire, or embrace the pain as a method to burn away impurities and come out as strong as gold.

This is why a rapid iteration cycle is important.

Every closed feedback loop presents an opportunity for reflection and growth. Increase the scale and people on the outside looking in will be amazed by the rapid transformation toward success.

My friends and I joke that some person may work twenty years to become an overnight success. No one pays attention to the years of iteration and refinement.

These posts are a perfect example. I've got to give a shoutout to my consistent friends and supporters who are coming on her and reading and dropping likes. I see you. Your support is special. I truly appreciate you.

When publishing, my attitude is, "it's ok if no one sees this." That way, if it actually happens that no one responds, I'm alright. It's part of the learning process.

I can imagine after hitting some level of notoriety, experiencing a sudden drop in response must be as mentally taxing as losing a primary source of income.

But we'll cross that path when we get there.

On Dreams

If you have a dream, and if that dream involves publishing works, you do it.

I see a friend out there building an AI application. He posts updates almost every day. Sometimes I'm the only one who likes his post. I like it because I believe in him and want to see his success. And I know that if he keeps pushing forward he's going to achieve his dream.

There's also a former employee of mine who is out there publishing web2 and web3 tutorials and video guides. I send him my likes and sometimes drop a comment. I see the work he's putting in and wish to see his success.

Other friends and connections have written books, founded companies, and secured employment opportunities that show great promise. I celebrate their wins. Karma is powerful.

So if you have a dream. Be happy for others when they reach theirs, and keep pursuing yours. In the same way that you're happy when your connections obtain their goals, the meaningful people in your life will celebrate your wins when it's your turn.

Keep putting yourself out there.

We're going to make it.

Let's reach greatness together. Join me and other learners and builders on Discord.